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When Déjà vu is really just history repeating itself

Saturday, 23. July 2011 21:36

I recently saw a short video piece put together by talk show host and political commentator Laura Ingraham.  It was brilliant in its simple, direct, in-their-own-words approach.  And, frankly, it gave me some serious heebie-jeebies.

It wasn’t about impending financial doom, or nuclear attack – it was an audio side-by-side of Presidents Carter and Obama. It was political Déjà vu – and we should all be concerned with the similarities.

The Carter Administration ran this country into the ground, but we recovered.  The Obama Administration seems hell bent on spending us into oblivion in order to fix a spending problem. The Administrations in-between kept kicking the economic can down the road until here we are.   And we keep voting them in…

“WTF” as campaign slogan initials right about now…  so incredibly appropriate.

I was a young girl when Jimmy Carter entered the White House.  He’s the first President I remember hearing speak as a child.  We tied yellow ribbons around trees in my home town during the Iran hostage crisis, and celebrated their release (20 minutes after Reagan’s inaugural address)  while taking them down.  Memories of my brothers and me, trying to keep ourselves occupied (and out of our parents’ anger zone), waiting in line for hours to get gas, are firmly etched in my mind.  We knew our parents were struggling to pay the bills, even resorting to food assistance from our church at times.  They were not just on edge… they were angry and scared for our future. […]

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Sunday, 3. July 2011 2:50

This is one of my more short and simple songs… but it still packs a punch. :) These pilot tracks were some of my very first multi-track recordings (as you can hear in the unrefined sound quality). Compare how this one sounds next to “Where Now?”…lol! I have many to thank for the improvement in my production abilities. Thank you! Enjoy!

Watch the leaves, child, fall to the ground
See them change from red to brown
Seasons change, dear, like you and I

Watch the sun, child, move ‘cross the sky
See the daylight turn to night
Time can change, dear, like you and I

If you wish upon a star tonight
Think of love and may your dreams burn bright
Time can change, dear, change you and I

Written, performed, produced and arranged by Colleen Gray
© 2003 Colleen Gray – All Rights Reserved

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