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My take on the year, from a Center/Right perspective –

Monday, 11. January 2010 1:26

To the tune of R.E.M.’s “It’s the End of the World”

It started off with a new President
Hope and change
John McCain was not ashamed

No more opacity
Sounded great on TV
Followed by Apologies
Obama’s face on our screens
Teleprompted to speak 
Just you wait – the chatter start to matter to the Tea Party
We’re tired of the liars representing our voice
And our government is mired by corrupted choice
Left of left and hungry, in a fury, in a hurry
Tearing down our Rights

One by one reporters cave and start spinning crap
Look at Mathew’s leg: Thrill-in’
Uh oh, Overload, system failure coming soon
We gotta do a Stimulus and do it fast
Listen to Santelli
Bonuses to Wall Street
Money printing faster and there is no end in sight – right

Disconcerted, patriotic, DHS Threats
We’re feeling pretty riled

It’s the end of 2009
It’s the end of 2009
It’s the end of 2009
And I don’t mind

Media losing face
“Coverage” a disgrace
Hannah, James, ACORN
Undercover, ignored
Michael J., Teddy K. and Farrah say goodbye
Getting heated in the Congress when Joe Wilson said “You Lie”
We the People, in the thousands – 9/12 – don’t tell
Limbaugh, Beck – don’t dare
uh-oh, they’re still on air
We’re not scared
Patriots will prevail
No Government, no Government, no Government of lies

Save the Constitution
Preserve our Bill of Rights
and they decline

It’s the end of 2009
It’s the end of 2009
It’s the end of 2009
And I don’t mind
I don’t mind

Balloon Boy makin’ all the news
North Korea making nukes
Neda shot in cold blood
Jihad at Fort Hood
Global Warming, Fistgate
And the spiral in the sky

Climatgate and Cap and Trade and Van Jones: BOOM!
Socalistic, radical, Libotomized… and they’re right? Right.

It’s the end of 2009
It’s the end of 2009
It’s the end of 2009
And I don’t mind

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“Healthcare Declamation”

Thursday, 10. September 2009 1:34


To the tune of “Hotel California”

In a dark Congress hallway, Pelosi can’t change her glare
The smell of the ozone rising up from her hair
Up ahead is Obama, he’s in a shimmering light
Her head grows heavy, and her mind grows dim
How many “stand ups” tonight?


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“Somewhere Here In America”

Wednesday, 19. August 2009 9:34

To the tune of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”

Somewhere here in America, our Leaders lie
There’s a club they belong to, not one for you and I

Somewhere here in America, “They” know what’s best for you
And our Dream becomes nightmare, the Dream of our Founders, too […]

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