Fixing Election Machines, or Fixing Elections?

Elections are upon the U.S. as we face what is widely considered to be the most important voting cycle in generations. If not the most important, the 2010 midterm elections are definitely the most outrageous in generations, and November 2nd is still five days away.

Fearing both an all time low approval rating and losing Democratic power in Congress, President Obama has resorted to calling the millions of American who disagree with his far left policies “enemies” during an interview with Spanish language network, Univision on October 25, 2010. Allegations of ethics violations and voter fraud abound from California to Florida. With cases such as the now infamous New Black Panther Party intimidation case being all but ignored by our Justice Department, who knows what our more radical friends will try to get away with? It’s not like SEIU is fixing voter machines or anything… is it?

And this is just the early voting brouhaha.

Electronic voting machines are being put to question, along with the integrity of our voting system and any number of incumbents. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent, countless tons of mud has been slung and decision time is drawing near. Do we choose to follow a path of out of control spending and self imposed economic destruction, or do we choose the path of fiscally responsible government and adherence to the Constitution?

We the People decide – one vote at a time. Not only is it our Right, it is our responsibility. Now more than ever U.S. citizens need to vote for principles, not party lines. We especially need to be diligent in looking for, and reporting, any voter fraud as we cast our ballots throughout the next week. Our Nation’s future is riding on what decisions we make today.

Date: Thursday, 28. October 2010 14:28
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